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How Alauddin Khalji came into throne – one who constructed Hauz Khas

The transition of power from the Ilbari dynasty to khal ji was called the khalji revolution. Khalji’s were also Turks. The khalji dynasty ruled from 1290 C.E. to 1320 C.E.

Jalal-ud-din firoj khal ji(1290-96 C.E.) was the founder of this dynasty and his policy was of peace and moderation and he is the one who killed successor of Balban (Mamluk dynasty).

In 1296 C.E., Alauddin Khalji took an expedition to Deogiri and returned to Kara with a huge body,during the reception there, he treacherously murdered his father-in-law(Jalal-ud-din firoz khalji) and usurped the throne.

Alauddin khalji(1296-1316 C.E.) was considered the most powerful sultan of Delhi and his original name was Ali Gurshasp.

In 1299 C.E. Alauddin Khalji sent an army to conquer Gujarat. The Raja Karan of Anhilvar(Bhagela dynasty) was caught unaware, therefore, he caught and sent to Delhi. Where the sultan married her and made her the chief queen.
The second great finding in Gujarat was the handsome Hindu turned Muslim eunuch(Malik Kafur), who was made Malik naib military commander by him later.

In 1303 C.E., chittor became the target of Alauddin’s army. Raja Ratan Singh of chittor was defeated but his wife and other Rajput women including Rani Padmini-performed Jauhar keeping up with the tradition. This Padmini episode has been described in the book padmavat written by Malik Mohammed Jayasi.

Alauddin khalji was the 1st sultan who invaded South India.

He established a new city called Siri near Delhi which became his new capital and in this city, he constructed a huge tank called Hauz Khas. He also constructed a famous gateway of Delhi known as Alai Darwaza.

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