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JAHANGIR (1569-1627) – initial time of his growth and how he brought up

Jahangir(conquerer of the world) and his original name was Salim because was born after a lot of prayers which were done in the dargah of Sheikh Salim Chisti and after whom this man was named Salim. Jahangir (also Salim), son of Jodha Bai(the daughter of Raja Bhar Mal) and the great king Akbar. Akbar had a lot of son’s but two of his son’s Hasan and Hussain died in infancy and his other two son’s Murad and Daniyal died because of too much alcohol consumption in two different years 1599 and 1604 C.E. Akbar had taken great care in raising all of his children but even then his different children had taken up to wine or alcohol a lot. Jahangir also was no exception to that and he has also taken up to all these and at the very beginning of his career, he was told by his doctors that he should be consuming liquor in very small quantities. He was a very strong man so, unlike his brothers, he survived. Akbar was illiterate but gave the best training to all of his children and he brought up his children in a better way. Abdur Rahim khan-i-khana, son of Bairam Khan and saleema Begam was himself appointed to be the personal tutor of his children. Jahangir himself became a very fine exponent of painting and we have seen it in his later time and not only this he knew a lot of languages like Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Hindi. Horse riding, hunting, sportsmanship all were known by this man.

He married to a daughter of Raja Man Singh at the age of fifteen who bears him his first male child though he was the second child named Khusrau and later married To Jagat Gusai (Joda Bai) and she brought forth the prince Khurram and later this man goes on to become the famous ruler Shahjahan. Jahangir was getting impatient as he wanted to come and take the throne quickly as possible but because of his father this was not possible and that’s why he raised a banner of revolt and revolt was crushed very soon. He revolted against Akbar in 1599 C.E. but was pardoned, later he was crowned at Agra in 1605 C.E. and ruled from 1605- 1628 C.E.

He announced a new set of rules which we have commonly known as 12 institutions that is though he himself was a fan of wine then he has commanded his people not to have any intoxicating drinks and he was consuming it every day. In order to bring down the theft and robbery he built mosque and wells at distances. Slaughtering of animals was banned on Thursday(the day he became ruler) and on Sunday(the day on which his father Akbar was born). After coming to powers he also released all his prisoners who had been in prison for a longer period of time and he insisted on a free inheritance of property that is when a man has died compulsory the property had to be given to some of his successors and if there is no successor government manage all these resources for the well being of people. He was a benevolent ruler and always wanted to do a good thing for his people.

Mehru Nisha or Noor Jahan was his favorite wife and she played a crucial role in history. Jahangir’s military general, Mahabat Khan rebelled against him. His rebellion too was crushed but he was saved by the diplomatic efforts of Noor Jahan.

Cultivation of tobacco was first started during the period of Jahangir. He died in 1627 C.E. and was buried in Lahore. Later, when Shah Jahan became the Sultan, Noor Jahan was given a pension and was asked to stay at Lahore where she stayed till her end.

Jahangir introduced the fashion of men wearing costly jewels in the ears after piercing them and established Zanzibar-i-Adalat at Agra fort for the seekers of royal justice. Jahangir built Moti Masjid and his own mausoleum at Lahore.

Ankita Sharma

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