Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Modi govt will start Fit India Quiz with KBC-Style

PM Narendra Modi, inspired by the thrill of the Olympics, has plans for a “world-class online and broadcast” event that will take place in the form of a ‘Fit India Quiz’. The Prime Minister has initiated that the Quiz will take place in the KBC format in order to make it exclusive.

The event will give opportunity to the school students to participate in this initiative for which the registrations will begin in September. All schools will be allowed to nominate more than two students who will take part in the competition online which will be run by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Out of the total schools in the state, only 32 will be allowed to proceed for the next round to compete at the state level.

According to the information given by News18, the winners from the 36 states and UTs will then proceed to compete in the finals which will be broadcasted on the national television including a leading private sports channel.

A document was published by News18 which outlined the project. The document read, “The State Round of the quiz will have innovative concepts such as phone a teacher of a school or a parent etc to make it fun, interactive and engaging for the audience. The quiz will also have multi-formats featuring buzzer rounds, audio or video recognition round, topical rounds etc. The Quiz will have questions on multiple themes such as history of Indian Sports, Traditional Sports or Games, Yoga, Personalities etc.”

The Quiz has been planned as exclusive as possible to allow students from all across the country to test their knowledge on sports and fitness.

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