We the people of India heavily indulge in Communal violence despite the “HUMANITY”. Firstly we should think about the humanism rather than religion.

In India there are lots of people who have faith in religion rather than humanity.

Here the highlights of discriminatory practices that strengthen ‘Caste System’ in India:

  • In Telangana, Dalit women are still pushed into illegal religion practice of sex which is stated as ‘Jogini’. It is banned in 1988. Under this practice, women’s was forced to satisfy sexual needs of village heads and temple patrons.
  • In Hyderabad, still A ‘Brahmin Cricket Tournament’ happens. According to this tournament, it is compulsory for every player should carry their ID proof except lower caste peoples.
  • In Kerala, vattavada village people have ordered blanket ban on dalit accessing services at salons used by them.
  • In Uttar’s Pradesh Bundelkhand, condition of dalits worst than ever, because they are not allowed to touch water, tankers. Tankers are only allowed for upper caste peoples. Dalits have to walk 8 kilometre far away to the another village for searching water. Hand pump installed in the ground only for dalits.
  • In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and UP, Still Dalit Grooms are not allowed to ride horses because people’s of these states thought that it is only eligible for upper caste men.
  • We need to cognizance that Humanity must come before religion. We should help everybody without being religion biased. Humanity and Religion are both different terms. It cannot be related each other. But I can say humanity should be the only religion that everyone should adopt.

    If we always think about the religion, caste, creed, gender consequently, our Mind acquire “SUBCONSCIOUS” learning.

    If you show humanity than you will be appreciated by everyone. So, we should be living with the solidarity and respect everybody’s sentiments . Lastly don’t create the inflammatory speeches, partiality through the misuse of religion.

    Nisha Jha

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