Sunday, November 28, 2021

UAE in talks with Taliban to run Kabul airport

The United Arab Emirates has held talks with the Taliban to run Kabul airport, going up against Gulf rival Qatar in a diplomatic tussle for influence with Afghanistan’s new rulers, according to four sources with knowledge of the matter.

According to Reportwire, several UAE officials have held a sequence of discussions with a group of Taliban members in recent weeks to debate upon the possibilities of operating the airport.

Notably, the Kabul International Airport serves as the main link between the conflict-hit country and the rest of the world and played a pivotal role in August’s evacuation missions.

As of now, Qatar along with Turkey has been helping run the Kabul airport after playing a major role in evacuation efforts following the chaotic United States’ withdrawal in August, and have said that they are willing to take over the operations. However, the Taliban has not yet formalized an arrangement with Qatar, the diplomats said, according to a media report.

UAE and Qatar are tussling over control of the Kabul airport

According to sources, the UAE has held talks with the Taliban to run the airport, sources reveal that UAE officials have held a series of discussions with a group in recent weeks to discuss operating the airport.

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