Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that Cowin stores all the vaccination data in a safe and secure digital environment.

The reports surfaced on Thursday claiming that a hackers’ group had accessed the database of about 150 million users registered on CoWin and that the data was up for sale.

The health ministry stated that the Computer Emergency Response Team of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MieIY) are investigating, adding, “No CoWin data is shared with any entity outside the CoWin environment.”

“There have been some unfounded media reports of the CoWIN platform being hacked. Prima facie, these reports appear to be fake. However, the Union Health Ministry and the Empowered Group on Vaccine Administration (EGVAC) arc getting the matter investigated by the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MielY),” the ministry said in an official statement.

The news circulated after a hacker group that goes by the name of ‘Dark Leak Market’ claimed via a tweet that it has the database of about 15 crore Indians who have registered themselves on the CoWIN portal, and it reselling the data for $800 since it is not the “original leakers” of the data.

Earlier, French security researcher Baptiste Robert aka Elliot Alderson had also re-tweeted the post by the ‘Dark Leak Market’, but later deleted it.

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