Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Why children are getting more infected during the third wave of Corona virus : Experts clarifies

In the initial two wave of Corona virus pandemic, children are the least infected population. But the stories have turned out to be different during the third wave of Corona virus pandemic. Now they are getting more infected by Corona virus, driven by the omicron variant.

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Experts said more data is required from India to find out whether there is an increase in the rate of infection in India. In a seminar organised by AIIMS on managing children with Covid-19, Dr Rakesh Lodha, Head, Professor, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, AIIMS, Delhi, said there are many likely reasons why children are getting frequently affected — more contagious Omicron being the primary reason.

Children were so far somewhat protected from Covid as fewer children have comorbidities. Also, children respond to the virus in a better way. Omicron, however, has become like measles with an R-value of around 10 (global).

Various groups have estimated it to be much higher than what was there for delta and for the original virus. It’s believed to be more than seven, some groups have estimated even to be close to 10 or more than 10. And in that scenario, it comes close to measles which is a highly contagious disease that we see children,” Dr Lodha said.

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