10 unique New Year celebration trends across the world

unique new year celebration

Unique New Year Trends

1. Wearing White – Brazil

Unique new year celebration in brazil: Everyone in Brazil wears white which signifies luck and prosperity. White is believed to ward off bad spirits. People gather on beaches putting on white garb and jumping seven waves-a lucky number in Brazil.

2. Carrying empty Suitcases – Colombia

People carry empty suitcase during the midnight in hopes of inducing a year rife with travel. They also carry money in hand to achieve financial prosperity and security in the coming year.

3. Smashing Plates – Denmark

Smashing unused plates against doors of their family and friends Danish residents do this to keep bad spirits at bay.

4. Round Shapes All Around – Philippines

Round shapes can be seen all aver Philippines on New Year’s eve representing coins, symbolizing wealth in the coming year. Some wear polka dots and eat exactly 12 round fruits at midnight.

5. Special Underwear – Brazil

Wearing special underwear on New Year’s Eve is popular in Brazil. Red and Yellow are believed to be the most popular colours depicting the arrival of love and money.

6. Hanging Onion – Greece

An onion is hung on the front door symbolizing rebirth in the New Year in Greece. Parents wake their children by tapping an onion on the head on New Year’s Day.

7. Kissing the love of your life – United States

Tradition in U.S calls for kissing the one you love at the stroke of midnight. Starting the year with the passion of love is what the United States believes in

8. Moulding Tin – Finland

In Finland people put molten tin in a container of water to see what shape it forms after hardening. The final shape is then thought to be the indicator of what the New Year has coming for them.

9. Visiting the Cemetery – Chile

In Chile it is believed that the souls of their departed friends and family come alive on New Year’s Eve. So people bring food and drink and spend the night in cemetery.

10. Ringing Bells – Japan

Ringing the bells 108 times id done to represent each of the worldly sins of Buddhist religion. This is believed to be centuries old tradition.

How do you want to celebrate your New Year this time?

Surabhi Swaraj

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