goddess or slave?

Am I a slave or a goddess? Question that every woman in India asks herself. India a land of rich customs but what happens to this rich and developing country when it comes to women. Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru once said that, “you can tell the condition of a nation by looking the conditions of its women”. So let’s look India with this perspective.

At present, Indian society women can be worshipped for nine days but on the other hand women can’t enter the temple when they menstruate.

India is always known for its history and surprisingly India has a great and drastic women history too.

In ancient times, during the times of Aryans, women enjoyed full and complete freedom and equality with men. They had equal and honorable status in society but, in the medieval age it got deteriorated. Various inappropriate practices came into existence against women. Which can be prominently seen in today’s male dominatedsociety. Indian society is very particular for maintaining its culture so why not ancient India for women or we are trying to bring sati pratha once again.

These words may seem to be bitter but it’s the truth. There are a number of examples to provethat women are often considered as nothing in India.
Do you remember, the Sitapurgang rape where a father gifted his own daughter to his friends and later on joined them to gang rape her.

The list goes on and there’s no full stop. We have witnessed the height of brutality, but when will this end or should I say will it ever end?
This our developing India where a woman can’t even walk freely, can’t wear what she wants and if this is the definition of moving ahead than soon India will be A MALE NATION.

Today India is talking about women empowerment, including reservation, laws etc. But today’s women need an India which does not need any women empowerment or upliftment because a woman in itself has a light to brighten up a nation. All women need a “safe nation”.