Easy winter Skin Care Routine

winter skin care

How to take special care of skin in winters at home?

As soon as winters come it calls for a special skin care routine because arrival of winter means dry, dull and flaky skin. The skin sometimes feels itchy and irritated. Winter takes away the natural moisture of our skin. So, it is very important to add some extra moisture to our skin for a healthy glowing dewy face.

Try these easy efficient winter home remedies and drive out dryness –

CTM Routine- Cleaning Toning and Moisturizing our face just twice daily can be a solution for all the winter problems. A regular habit of CTM helps in reducing blackheads and whiteheads. Cleansing our face with a facewash then using a mild toner and then applying a face moisturizer is all what we need to do. The toner gently revitalizes skin and helps to maintain the pH balance ensuring the preservation of natural moisture.

Exfoliating- Exfoliating skin at least twice a week helps remove dead skin cells. It leads to a soft and smooth skin. Though we should keep in mind that too much exfoliation can harm the skin and tear it out so keeping it at the count of twice weekly is enough.

Some easy DIY to try –

Cream and Turmeric – In winters, the skin needs more moisturization. Turmeric and cream face pack provides natural moisture to the skin and brings glow to the face. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric in 2 tablespoons of cream and prepare it to fall and apply the mixture on the face for 30 minutes and then wash the face with a mild face wash.

Raw milk – Raw milk acts as a very good natural cleanser. Before bathing, immerse cotton in raw milk and apply it on the entire face and after 5 minutes wash it with lukewarm water. This will make the face clean and moisturized.

Banana and honey mask – Mix 1/4 cup banana and 1 tablespoon honey and apply it on the face and let it dry, then wash the face with lukewarm water. This home face mask will make your skin glow.

The DIY’s are meant to be done once in a week or once in 14 days.

Take these easy tips and enjoy winter!

Surabhi Swaraj