Japan suffered a worst-ever outbreak after the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

Bird flu outbreak in japan

After the Coronavirus outbreak, Japan suffered a worst-ever bird flu outbreak and spread to a various new area and now affects approx 20% of the country’s 47 prefectures, with country’s official ordering mass cullings after poultry deaths on two farms.

Over More than 370,000 birds will be slaughtered and buried after Avian Influenza was discovered at an egg farm Higashiomi city in Shiga prefecture in southwestern Japan in two Breading farms, also another outbreak started in Kagawa prefecture last month, the agriculture ministry said over the weekend.

Two neighbours are separate (HPAI) epidemics

Outbreak in japan and neighbouring south korea is one of the 2 distinct highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) hitting poultry around the world according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Highly pathogenic bird flu , H5 subtype possibly to brought by migrating birds from the Aisa or Europe.

Agriculture ministry called disinfect facilities

Almost all the farms in Japan have been ordered to Proper disinfect facilities and also keep eye on hygiene regimes, and ensure that nets to keep out wild birds are Stucked properly.

Government is continuously calling extra attention because of raising the growth number of infections Japan and in Europe, also Japan has temporary banned poultry imports from approx seven countries, including Germany.

“The virus found in Japan is genetically very close to the recent Korean viruses and thus related to viruses in Europe from early 2020, not those currently circulating in Europe,” Madhur Dhingra, a senior animal health officer at the FAO, told Reuters.
“This means that we currently have two distinct H5N8 HPAI epidemics in eastern Asia and Europe,” she said.