PM Modi topped the list in terms of twittter engagements, rahul Came distant second

Once again modi came first in terms of most engagement on twitter, Rahul gandhi and Virat Kohli got second and third place respectively


PM Narendra Modi popularity on social media is incredible .No other leader in india is even giving him a fight in terms of engagements on twitter . PM Modi once again topped the chart of most twitter engagements while Rahul comes second, the distance between Modi and Rahul is almost double . there is no doubt that the popularity of PM Modi is unmatched, not only on social media but in offline as well.

Sonu Sood garnerd the most engagement amongs all the actors and actress of Indian film industry .Surprisingly He got almost three time engagement then that of Shahrukh Khan.

Virat kohli the present Indian caption of Indian cricket team in every format got third positioned among Indians .

This analytics is being provided by Twitteet. It is an analytics platform that provides ratings and ranks politicians, entertainers, journalists and others based on engagements on the social media platform.

Amongs politicians after modi and rahul, UP CM Yogi Adityanath and Priyanka Gandhi vadra came third and forth respectively.

As for journalists, Deepak Chaurasia topped the chart in terms of Twitter engagement while Rohit Sardana came second. Swati Goel Sharma of Swarajya Mag broke into the top 5 at 5th while Rana Ayyub was at 6th and Rajdeep Sardesai at 8th for the month of October.