Modern Lifestyle; Mutated diseases


Modern lifestyle is giving rise to some diseases that rarely existed on this planet and these are often categorized as “lifestyle Disorder”. From getting up early to sleeping late, we all have started living a night owl life. Today almost everything has changed phone, Netflix, stress and junk food have taken the place of exercising,meditating and relaxing. Which is giving rise to lifestyle related disorders. PCOS OR PCOD is one such disease more appropriately a disorder or syndrome. Almost 3 out of 5 women have this problem.

What is PCOS/PCOD?

In a very simple language, small cyst develop on the ovaries of a woman which causes problem in the menstrual cycle, fertility, acne, facial hair, in some the patient develops insulin resistance giving rise to diabetics .

What is the cause?

In one word it’s the lifestyle that includes everything from pollution to one’s eating habits.

Any kind of physical health issue gives one a mental health issue too. Its 21stcentury and everybody has a stressful life giving rise to some very new kind problems like PCOS which didn’t even existed a decade before. It’s like a satire that the modern man is having formulas to treat every kind of diseases but the life he is living is creating new diseases that shall be cured by the next gen, it does seems ironical .

Is there a solution?

Making some slight changes in the cause of the problem which is lifestyle is the cure. Pills and medications are just doing the job of masking the problem. A healthy diet, exercising, detoxifying are some everyday things that you need to do.

Women’s health is often neglected especially by themselves, so as women we need to get the girls and boys out there, aware that they might be at risk.

Being healthy and fit is the biggest thing that one can gift themselves.