The real meaning of education


Since the beginning of this world, each civilization has marked its important skills to its next generation and the same goes for education.
India has always been rich in heritage, culture and same in education. From Gurukuls to private schools and now online classes. India has gone through some drastic journey .

A very important question which arises is what is the real meaning and purpose of education?
According to an english writerRuskins,“Education does not mean to teach people what they do not know, it means teaching to behave, as they do not behave as desired .

The values, which education tends to develop, do not exist outside us, they exist within ourselves.

Today, meaning of the word “education”is totally wrapped in bookish knowledge nothing else. The expectations of educated and educated men are very ambitious and encouraging. But how many of us come up to a mark? Most of the so-called educated men are satisfied by toping exams and 9 to 5 jobs. This results in a society where education is not measured by the quality of life or how one responses to life. From the beginning a parent focuses more on the marks of their kids. Can marks determine the exact caliber of a child or his talent?

Albert Einstein has rightly said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think”.

Education never stops at school or university, it’s a whole life process to bring out every aspect in you.

Education is a cycle of development in every sense but what about the scenario of our modern educated society where garbage is thrown by educated man and picked up by a ragpicker who is not only uneducated but illiterate.

Everybody is born with some or other potential but like a seed to has potential to become a tree one day, so the job of the teacher is not about telling the seed how to grow in a tree but is, to nurture it like a gardener with love, care, protection and setting young minds to explore every aspect of life.

Is democracy a hindrance to development?