Why Centre serves eviction notices to 27 well-known artists?

Gory over eviction

Eviction notice

Indian government has been gave eviction notices to 27 prominent artists for evacuating from the governing accommodation houses due to overstaying. It has become the issue of dissidence between ‘Artists and Central’.

In simple words, if those artists unable to vacate the houses latest by December 31, then they will be charged heavy fees for overstaying

According to Union Culture Minister Prahlad Patel’s statement: “ The artistes will have to pay their outstanding dues [going up to Rs 32 crore, as per bills raised by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development] if they fail to comply the Indian government decision.” “If they vacate within the deadline, all their dues will be waived off,” he added.

First of all, let’s understand that how ‘Culture Quota’ for government houses had been dictated?

According to culture quota, there was 40 houses in the national capital at that time. It was especially set to kept for artists in 1970s.

The list of beneficiaries was prepared by the Ministry of Culture keeping in mind an artist’s repute, and certain criteria such as their age and income. Government house only eligible in Delhi, and age of artists must be 40-60 years and their monthly income should not be cross the remark of Rs 20,000.

Besides, the houses were given for a three-year period, which was extended each time when their time period lapsed.

Although, maximum of 40 residential units, out of which 23 have been vacated due to an artist’s demise or other reasons.

What happened after policy changed in 2014?

When Modi government came to power in 2014 then his cabinet decided to aside out all kinds of culture quotes in accommodation, Be it a journalists, sportspersons or artists.

According to new policy, only central government employees will be provided governing houses.

De facto, as per the Ministry of housing and urban development, “there are around 60,000 government houses available in Delhi. While there is a shortfall of 15,000 houses for central govt. employees.

Moreover, the official said that some artists have passed away and their heirs, who are not even the original allottees continue to live in the quarters. While many are using the governing houses illegally for commercial purposes like running music schools.

Artists point of view on govt. decision:

The precious 27 houses are located in Shahjahan road, Asians Games Village and Lodhi Colony areas.

One of the top eminent artist Pandit Birju Maharaj has been living in his Shahjahan Road House for 36 years, while painter Jatin Das has been living in his Asian Games Village flat for 26 years.

Dhrupad artists Ut Wasifuddin Dagar has claimed has asserted that artists do not retire, unlike ministers. “I teach dhrupad out of this home. These are only 20 houses, extremely simple, small homes and that is also bothering them?”, he added.

Maharaja said that if the government forced to evacuate the houses, then he will give his Padma shri award. It’s my appeal to PM Modi to think about this, he quoted.

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